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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It has rolled around again; and we have more snow this week. The last day of February...hard to imagine.
WIPs for this week....well; after finishing the quilt last week, I put my Summer Sampler in the quilt frames to be hand quilted....just got a little done on it. I picked up the fabric for the sashings on the cross stitch blocks I showed you last week. It is a deep grape. Other than that; things are the same.I did my third practice on my feather and liked it better.  So; onward from there this week...have to get quilting.
The Summer Sampler      
I am linking up to Lee and Monika please join us and visit the rest of the blogs.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday/Playing Around

It was an early rise for us this morning...2 grandsons had hockey games in the city. So; grammy amd grampy had to get up on Sunday morning at 5:30am and drive in to the games...we spent from 6:30 - 10:00am at the coleseum watching hockey. The 5 and 6 year olds are so cute on the ice...and they are good on skates too!!

Anyway; when I got home I wanted something little to fiddle with before sitting down to quilt. So; this is what I made; a match for the one I did the blog hop tutorial on......aren't they
Now to get to that quilting......have a good day.                                                                  

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Reveal

It is time to vote for your favorite Basket Quilt folks...go here to see all the lovely quilts....mine is Spring Baskets.
I also told you I would post a picture of the cross stitch block for my next commissioned quilt;here it is
There are 20 of these large blocks I will put sashing and borders together with the blocks then hand quilt it for her. I have done quite a few of these quilts for this lovely lady.

Here is my finish of the Modern Triangle QAL: Front

This was my second QAL and my first time using a walking foot. I did 3 straight lines on the diagonal strips.
Then I did a little FMQ on the triangles. just enough to hold them down.  I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I am linking up to Ann to show our big reveal. Hope you take a look at the rest of the finished quilts with us. Have a great weekend everyone.                                                                               

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Feathers....for the FMQ Challenge

Well.........I am no feather creator; by any  But it is almost the end of the month, and I have to post my feathers before I forget. I definitely need lots of practice on these(on all FMQ). But here it is folks!!!
This is my first and second attempt at a feather.....did I say this was a feather????? Well; I am not too sure.
This is today's attempt....not sure if the plain thread makes it look better to me or what it is. I really need to sit down at this more than once every 2 or 3 weeks. But I did open up my FM foot in the front; it wasn't an open toe...I couldn't see where I was going!!! That seemed to make it easier for starters. And slow down...I
tend to bare down and take 

Now I am going to link this up with The Challenge and give everyone else a good laugh. Seriously, practice would do wonders. I am a hand quilter; you

Have a good one.

I am adding this sample to my post...this is a day later than the one above...I was so freakin excited when I did this one...I  But I think a lot of improvement here....hope you agree.

Dah Dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Please don't hate me..............?????

This is so embarrassing....I can't believe I did it!  I was awarded this again today, and I am so very grateful for this recognition. I said I would pass it along....and guess what. I deleted the email; thinking I would remember everything. Do you think I can remember the name of this dear lady's blog......nooooooooooo.

I am going to go ahead anyway; and if you are reading this; Mary, I believe......will you please let me know the name of your blog again...I am so sorry. Now the rules say I am to pass this on to 5 deserving blogs with under 200 here goes....Lisa Marie....

Please take time to visit these blogs....they are worth reading....thank you

WIP Wednesday

A beautiful week here; sunny days(cool) and great for walking in the woods or anywhere at all.  I am really busy with sewing; though I don't have much to show you. Timing is  I have one quilt in the frames being handquilted   and one has been  machine quilted and waiting for the binding;...that is the Modern Triangle quilt. I will post a picture of it on Friday when I link up to our hostess(A Girl in Paradise).

Besides these 2 quilts; I still have 2 scrappies to hand quilt
                                                  Blueberry Basket
                                                  summer Sampler
                                                  crib quilt
And I am picking up a commissioned quilt top today;which I will piece and quilt for this lady. This will consist of cross stitched blocks....when I get them home; I will show you.  Besides all the small projects I have to make before tourism time this summer; this is it for now.

I am linking up to Lee and Monika please join us and visit some of the other blogs taking part in our WIP Wednesday.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We have a Winner!!!

The blog hop is over and I had hubby draw the winner this is lucky Sheila from Nova Scotia...http://sheila'squiltworld/.
Sorry to all of you who didn't win this time; it's all his

Seriously now; I had a great time with the tutorials. And I appreciate all the wonderful comments and my new followers...this won't be the last giveaway....

Thank you; Sheila has been notified by email....

Have a great day.                                                       

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday already!!.....Reminders

Since it is Friday; it is time to vote for the weekly theme is where you go to vote; starting later today. I have one entered this week..would love you to vote for me, but there are so many beautiful quilts; so you decide.
Now I know it's not red and white; but it is called Fanciful Hearts....appliqued hearts over the entire quilt; which is queen size.  But take a  look at all of the quilts that are is always nice to see.               

Tomorrow is the last day of our Valentine Blog Hop; where did the week go?? It has been so much fun for me. Loving all the great comments and the new followers. I thank you so much for your support.  But don't forget to visit the last 3 blogs tomorrow; I am sure Paulette will have a great finish for everyone.  Here are tomorrow's participants                 

  • Stacey (Driving Miss Stacey)

  • Tracey (The Peony Teacup)

  •  Paulette

  • Before I leave for the day; I would like to share with you a picture of one of my grandsons. Last weekend he was chosen with a few of his team mates to play a fund raising hockey game with a few of the old timers players. These old timers are actual ex NHL was so much fun to watch....Mason; my grandson, had such a good time..The men were so great with the kids(boys and girls).
    Thank you for being here and have a wonderful weekend.

    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    Go!Ahead and Show Some Love

    Good morning is my turn today to share my little projects with all of you. I hope you enjoy what I have for you. I got my Go Baby for Christmas this past year; so have limited dies so far....but not for long!!!
    Here we go.......

                             Polka Dot Pillow
    I used the 2,3,and 5" Circle Die for this little project.
    Fabric Needed: Background...16" square
                             Back ...1-16"x9" rectangle
                                          1-16"x12" rectangle
                             Circles...4-3" squares
                                           4-4" squares
    This makes 2&3" circles with your die.
    I used low loft poly batting for this( worked great)

    Add fusing to wrong side of squares and cut with cutter
    Fuse in place on background fabric where ever you like and use as many as you like.

    Machine applique in place(I used a small zigzag stitch. Then layer your sandwich and quilt as desired.

    Now the Back: Take both pieces you cut for the back; turn long edge down 1/2" press; turn down again 1-11/2" and press then stitch.

    Place both on top of front piece; large one first. Right side to right side.

    Pin and stitch all sides. I used a zigzag stitch to avoid bulk Now turn right side out and press. Voila!!
    Now I have another for you, since this one was so very basic...hope you can stay with me because there is a giveaway at the end...I will spare a lot of details since they are similar.

                                                Snow Family Wallhanging

    I used the Holiday Accessories die for this:The directions are exactly the same as above....fuse the back of your fabric..cut with cutter..fuse to background and machine applique. Sandwich your layers...I used cotton batting here. quilt as desired. Cut 21/2" strips for binding and sew on by machine to the front and sew by hand to the back.

    Fabric needed: is all listed on the Holiday Die...The background is 16"x20"...if you don't have the die and would like the list, please let me know...I don't want to take up more of your time's a lot to read...thank you.

    I used tiny black sequence for the eyes and mouths...floss would work great........
    Now for the giveaway....I have 4 fat quarters and 2 patterns for one lucky person.
    Rules: Just leave me a comment; you don't abslutely have to be a follower; but I would love if you did...
    I will draw on the 19th after the hop is over..

    I want to give a huge thank you to SewCalGal and Paulette from SweetPQuilting for organizing this blog hop...they've done all the work.  And make sure you visit heirloom quilting to see what great work Alicia has for you today.  For the list of blogs taking part go here.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    WIP Wednesday

    Ohhhhhhhhh I am so late today!! Had apps. all morning in the city..then skating with the grandchildren after lunch. So; grammy was late making on here.  lol. I am not going to bore you with my whole list that you see every week..but for this week; my progress is.....commissioned quilt is finished
    The back is made for the Modern Triangle QAL( I didn't do much for the back, sorry)
    I did piece a crib quilt this week too...but forgot to take a picture..I'll wait til it's quilted now.
    I am linking up to Lee and Monika so; please join us and visit some of the blogs.

    Now....don't forget that tomorrow is my day for  so; please stop by and see my tutorials and get in on the giveaway!!!


    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    My much appreciated surprise today!!

    It made me so excited when I got a comment from Linda this afternoon. She awarded my little blog with the
                                                          That was so very sweet of her. I greatly appreciate it.This award is given to favorite blogs with under 200 followers. Now it is my turn to do the same.  I have been blogging for just over a year now; loving every minute of it...and learning so much. I want to try so much more. Thank you Linda!!

    Liebster Rules:
    1. Post about your win on your blog 
    2. Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award
    3. Copy and paste the award to your blog 
    4. Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized
    5. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
    Gosh now; how do I pick just 5......

    Helen/Archie the Wonder Dog( I love Archie and great work)
    Flo/Butterfly Quilting( lovely works to see)
    Sheila's Quilt World( the best postcards ever)
    Gail.Love to Quilt(Adorable quilts)
    Michelle/Quilt Matters(the most interesting work)

    There are so many more I could name, but I have to leave some for them. lol...

    Monday, February 13, 2012

    Go!Ahead And Show Some Love ....starts today folks!!!!!!

    The Blog Hop begins....make sure you visit each one of the blogs for great tutorials, tips, giveaways. Who knows what you might find. It is our way of celebrating Valentines week with you. Hope you enjoy!!
    Paulette from SweetPQuilting has organized a great week.

    Here is a list of the blogs taking part:  February 13th

    February 14th
    February 15th
    February 16th
    February 17th
    February 18th

    Sunday, February 12, 2012


    Leona's Quilting Adventure is have a great must check it out. She has a wonderful book and some fabric for someone....a very lucky someone.  Take a peek  here.

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    WIP Wednesday!!!!

    WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedThis month is going by so in progress already!! Where does it go
    I think I've done pretty good this week; managing to stay in the sewing room
    more than usual for me. So; down to it...

    WIPs...2 scrappy tops to quilt
                Blueberry Basket to quilt
                Summer Sampler to quilt
    They have been around for some time now.

                This week I finished 2 tops: Modern Triangles QAL
                                                           QAL top that I was doing with the fabric store in my area...

                 3/4 finished hand quilting the commissioned quilt.
                  practicing FMQ(not doing so

    Here are new pics: Modern Triangles
    Fabric store name for this one; it was done by signing up at the store, going in once a month(started in Sept.) picking up a pkg. for that month...until Feb..finished. Now I get to back and quilt it as I like.

    If I improve on the FMQ feathers; I'll show you my first sample...if I don't improve; you see nothing....hahaha!!! oh yes; I'll show you either

    Now I am linking up to Lee and Monika enjoy your week, and lay some love on the rest of the WIPers....ok.

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    Go!Ahead And Show The Love/Coming Soon!!!

    Hello everyone...just a reminder, that one week from today our blog hop is starting. Thanks to SewCalGal and SweetPQuilting for getting this together. There are going to be great tutorials by a number of ladies. Tips on how to use;and what to make with your modern tools. And last, but not least, giveaways!!

    Here is a list of the blogs taking part:  February 13th

    February 14th
    February 15th
    February 16th
    February 17th
    February 18th


    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    WIP Wednesday

    Ok; I'm getting too old for the weeks to go by so quickly!! Don't you find it is usual winter that drags along?
    Anyway, another week gone, and I have bee fairly busy. The quilt I showed you last week is just about half quilted...and I've been in the sewing room a bit. So; working at it

    My works in progress; 5 quilt tops to hand quilt
                                        the quilt in the frames now
                                        the projects for Feb's Blog Hop
                                        the Modern Triangle QAL
                                        the FMQ Challenge
    Lots of do and hoping that when I finish this commissioned quilt, I will get at some on this list.
    Here is a pic of what is going on with the Modern Triangles QAL: Ready to start putting things together.
    I am linking up to Lee and   Monika; hope you will visit some of the blogs and see their lovely work.