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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Working Away

It has been such a nice summer this year...I hate to see it end, but it is getting there.  Today, I finished hand quilting this quilt for a friend...all Batiks
I made this wall hanging yesterday with another friend...
I couldn't resist making this one...just so cute!!!!
This one is going in the frames to be hand quilted on Monday...
We have our grandsons for the weekend, so no quilting.
Today, Connie and I got together to work on our snow geese pics yet, but it is fun to get together with friends.
I now have 4 quilts waiting for hand more possibility. And I have a few coming to machine quilt for Christmas.
Besides quilts...I am half way or better through my garden for this year.  Things are busy right now, but will end before we know it!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Hello we are again, as our summer flies by.  Linking up to

This week, I am still hand quilting this one...
It is coming along nicely...I have started adding the borders to the Double Irish Chain.
It gets hand quilted next...I picked another one up from a lady today to hand quilt after this
A young couple expecting their first little boy picked this set up on Sunday from me. They commissioned me to make it.
And fitted crib sheet....
Connie and I are each working on a Snow Geese quilt...this is a peek st my blocks.
I may have to change the name to Fall

Today was the sign up day for our 100s club at my favorite quilt shop.  This is what we are making...we had 3 different choices of colours.

And.....I bought this fabric for another quilt I want to piece....I know!!! More fabric....
All in all....a great day!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Hey everyone!!   It has been one gorgeous, but hot summer here so far. I have been loving working in my garden and sitting out in the back yard.  Before I forget....linking up to

This time around, I have a finish and and a beginning to show you...
This first one is ready to be bound now...just finished hand quilting it.
Her is one whe you can see the whole top...

Next one is what I just started hand quilting this afternoon....
I am also piecing this one...
Now...this is actually all put together except for the borders, but no pic for you today...sorry.
I have a couple of baby quilts on the go, and doing a lot of this...
Sorry, in the sunny window of the kitchen.  Well...power just went out her...not sur why. Best go and check it out...later.