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Thursday, January 31, 2013

NFO 2013

Today is the first of a monthly showing of new projects for 2013. These projects don't have to get finished ever!!! lol. So here goes: A table runner that is waiting to be quilted.

Another table runner....

Looks like all I've made are runners this year, eh......These last 2 are finished,.
I am linking up to Barb; so head over and see what is going on with everyone else.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Good morning folks!!!  Another week of January happy here.It has been cold lately; but looking up. Now let me see; what do I have on the go this week?

I did make another set of place mats during our sewing evening with the girls...same as these, but in blues

I have my project ready for the 'Hugs and Kisses' blog hop....sneak peek??  Sorry no picture
I am working on my project for the 'All About Me' blog hop....not ready for pictures yet.

Over the weekend; I hand quilted this quilt for a  friend.  She is a friend that I went to high school with; we even worked together wayyyyy back there over 30 years ago.  And now she is learning to of the friends that I sew with during the week.  This is her very first quilt...she pieced it with a jelly roll.
I think she did a fantastic job on it too.

I didn't measure it, but it is a good size lap quilt...I just love it!!

I now have the 'Bluenose' in the frames being hand quilted. It seems like ages since I started this one.
This is it in the early stages....will post again when it is finished.

You know what is next; I link up to Monika and Lee; so, join us to see what went on last week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dare to Dresden

Here we go!!!!  It has gone by so quickly...not a lot of time between hops. But I am having so much fun doing these with all of you.  I hope everyone is enjoying their time.  By now; you all know our very talented organizer; Madame Samm...and Christine; our hostess for this one.  A huge thank you to both of them!!!

I feel privileged to be with such a talented group of people taking part in this blog hop.  So here we go:
For the Dare to Dresden; I made 2 cushion covers, but put the dresden together a bit different than the norm. I placed them in quarters in the corners of the block...

This is one cushion cover showing you how I placed the dresdens. A tone on tone white for the background, with the dresden wedges in the corners....framed with a green border. I made an envelope back(sorry no pic 

Here is a close up of the FMQ...I quilted around each wedge; did a little meandering with the little loopy thingy in the a variegated thread to match the dresdens.

And the 2 finished pillows...This was a quick and easy project and I really like the color.
Here are a couple of Dresden projects I have made in the past....just to show you.

Ok; I've taken enough of your time...please take the time to visit the rest of the blogs today. Here is the schedule for today.

January 24th2013
Thimble Mouse & Spouse

WIP Wednesday

This week I have been really really busy, but don't seem to have much to show for it. How could that be???  I got together with friends twice this week to sew...this is so much fun!  One of the days we made braided runners: They were interesting....the first one twisted somehow...and I had to re square it up when finished....the second one I used the walking foot. Since these were sewed and quilted all at the same time; it worked out much better. Here they are:

They are now bound in black and maroon, respectively.

The second evening; we worked on placemats....I didn't do much on those because I arrived with only my top pieces....dah!!! forgot batting and  So I had tea and talked too much; had a blast watching the rest of the ladies work.  

I have my Dresden ready for Thursday's post...working on the Valentine's piece...and have started the 'All About Me' piece.  So many little time!!!  lol

The 'Bluenose' is almost pieced; to be hand quilted. I finished the block quilt that is an it is:

This quilt measures 92x96 inches.

I am linking up to Lee  and  Monika; make sure you take a peek.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2 Days Left ...don't miss it!!!!

Thursday is the first day of this fun blog hop...make sure you are here to join in on the fun!!! I am posting mine on Thursday; hope to see you folks.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Weeks Sewing

Spent the afternoon yesterday at Connie's; doing our weekly  We have fun...sometimes we get a lot done...sometimes

Yesterday we missed Marla; she had things to do with her family that had to come first. We really missed her. Connie and I made braided table runners.  It was a fun afternoon, even with the snow coming down....I hate driving in the snow; so I was constantly watching out the I lived!!!

Here are my runners not bound yet:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The winner of my 'Words' giveaway is.......patchouli moon studio ...who said;Very nice quilt with the tree.

I will email you.....or you can email me with your address; so I can send out your pattern and ruler.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to comment on my post....There were almost 200 comments, and I just can't email everyone. I love reading all of your comments; so please don't stop!!

WIP Wednesday

A week gone by already!! It has been fairly mild here so far this week. Snow has been melting; so no snowshoeing this week.

My Works In Progress: The quilt I started hand quilt just over a week ago;(above) is now almost 
finished....I have about 2 days work left on it. Just looks like the one above...much larger.
I finished the Dresden piece for "Daren Dresden' blog hop...can't show you that though.
I have 2 runners waiting to be quilted..pieced them last week.

No progress on the 'Bluenose' this week. But once the one I'm quilting is finished...on to the Bluenose. I have signed up for a new QAL...I know!!! Well' that is about it for me this week.  I am linking up to Freshly Pieced  and The Needle and Thread Network.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Amira is having this great QAL ...I have never done QAYG; so this should be least for those looking at mine....hahaha.  Today we are getting started by showing our fabric choices.
here goes:      This is what I've chose so far; now it could change a bit.  But I plan on white for the background, solid blue for sashings...and blue prints for the pieced blocks....will probably add more of those.  Now I am linking this post up to Amira(link above).  Come see what the rest of us are using.    

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sewing Day Creation

I told you yesterday that us girls got together to sew for the afternoon. Marla posted her table runner last night(speedy)    I got mine appliqued this afternoon; now to quilt it. Here it is so far!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Good morning is so nice to be back. I have slacked the last couple of weeks with my WIPs.
So; back in the to speak.
This week I have a large quilt in the frames being hand quilted: It looks just like this one,but on a large scale....92x96 .
I have made a little progress on the 'Bluenose' new pic, but it has some borders on it now...still more to go.
I finished and posted my 'In Your Words' piece today..
I am working on a little table runner....about ready to FMQ now.

I have 2 friends visiting this afternoon...Marla and Connie will have tea with me while we dig deep into some new project in the sewing room. They invited me a few weeks ago to join them one afternoon a week to  We take turns is so very much fun
...I love it!! Thanks ladies. I'm sure we will all show you what we end up working on.  Now; I am linking up to Heidi  and Monika  
so; come take a look at the rest of the lovely work going on this week.  Thanks for sticking with me.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

FMQ Linky Party

SewCalGal is hosting a linky party on; what we've learned, anything we would like to share. For me; this past year was up and down with FMQ. I am so very glad I took this challenge, and hope to do more of it. I did take a short class in a local fabric shop; it was ok; but the challenge taught me much more. I may never be good at it; but I am much better and more relaxed now. I do actually FMQ most of my small projects now.

I started out with absolutely no control over machine You would have laughed to see me at the machine!!  I was terrified of it...pedal to the floor; and hands could not keep up. Now; I can at least sit down at my machine and plan my doesn't always work out just the way I thought....but I enjoy it most of the time. 

I have used a few different threads; liking Aurifil and YLI the most so far. I have a lot to try yet.
I really like rayons; they seem to run smoothly in my machine, and I love the sheen of them.  I have tried cotton batt and poly batt; they both work, but prefer the cotton because of less loft.  Fabrics; I used mostly cottons, but did try a rayon with sheen once...I loved how it looked!

I want to take another class in the spring; mainly to get as much stress free practice as possible. I enjoy the social part of a class; and it relaxes me to joke with others doing the same thing. I hate being too  

Here are a few things that I have FMQ 

Ok,,,,enough pics for you to have to look at. But wanted to show you that I am getting more at ease with this. I want to thank SewCalGal for this past year; as it has meant a lot to me to be part of this group.  I have learned a tremendous amount since this started. I hope to keep it up in the coming year.

I am linking up to SewCalGal; link at top of page.

Monday, January 7, 2013

'In Your Words'/Giveaway

It is the second day of this blog hop; and I have been anxiously waiting for it.  We have Madame Samm and Linda to thank for this one. I can't imagine the work these ladies have put into this for us.  We have a long list of bloggers taking part; so I hope you will visit each and every one of them.   
I had a blast working on my project and it went very well. What I did was; print up my words to describe me in 'Word Perfect'. It was the only program I had that made the letters the size I wanted. Once that was done, I printed them on Inkjet Printable Fabric Sheets. It went like clockwork;I have used this for Memory quilts before and love it.

Then cut the words out and sewed them onto the background fabric. Once that was done; I did a bit of decorative stitching to set it off. Then FMQ the whole piece. Bound and a hanging sleeve on the back; ready to hang!!

So without more talking(reading for you); here is my project:

The tree about  Since these words describe me...I couldn't resist calling it 'all about me'.
And I did say there was a giveaway, right?  Here is what I am offering this time around.  A little pattern for a bag and 4" Ruler to make it with.

So; no hoops to jump through....just leave a comment telling me how you are liking the hop for one entry. Followers of my blog get a second entry. I will randomly draw after the hop is over.

Here is today's list of fellow bloggers; please visit each one.

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