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Friday, September 28, 2012

More Pictures from Lancaster.PA Trip

Now; I am thinking this is at Smucker's Farm, but don't hold me to
The next is me in front of the craft barn; I think at Smucker's....they have the most beautiful clocks. here.....and home made pretzels.!!   Hope I have the right place.
The next 2 are the buggy rides at Aaron&Jessicas........

Nancy, me and Marla...on the buggy!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sew Intertwined Finished!!

Well; it has been some time coming, but the Intertwined quilt top has the extra borders on it now.
I did this as a QAL, but it only measured 60x60' I wanted it bigger. It is now 84x84 which is a much better size for a full size bed.  Love this quilt; so glad I took part in this QAL ..thanks gals.

Excuse the sunlight on the quilt top;  I had to spread it out on the kitchen floor and stand on a chair to take the  Sun is shining in my south window.  So; one of the to fit it in and hand quilt it!!!

Turkey is almost cooked; smelling delicious!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Seems like I've been away for week!! The year is flying by so quickly, fall is here again and this week I am working for our annual turkey supper which is on Sat. I have a great time, it is very tiresome....and will be glad when it is  Seriously; it is fun and lots of work,,but a real social time for lots of people. We serve close to 600 within 4 hours......whew!!!!

On with my WIPs:  Right now I am hand quilting a king size quilt: no name for it. I will show you pics as I go along with it!!  

                               I am working on blocks for the "Wicked" blog hop for the end of October.
                               Still have to add more borders to the Intertwined quilt it!!
                                The RTQAL is finished; I have 16 blocks, but want to add a few more to
make it bigger. So; that will be awhile coming.
So here is a picture of the one I am quilting,and a sneak peak at the 'Wicked' block in progress.

Now here is a little souvenir I brought back from Lancaster, PA for my sewing room...isn't she cute. That's my shadow in front of her!!

I am linking up to  Lee  and  Monika ,please join us and see what else is going on in our little sewing world.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pin It To Win It!!!!!

This is fantastic!!  Head over here to have a look at the bundles. Pick the bundle you would like to it!!  If you get the same number of repins as the value of your bundle; you win it!!!!
How fun is that??????  This is my selection....will you please help me to win this bundle??  Just head over to Pinterest and repin my choice...simple; right??

fat quarter bundle (a bit of green and yellow)--misc. designers--8 pieces--2 yards total

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Trip to Lancaster.PA

Good morning folks; I know I've been squeezing so many posts in this morning.  Trying to catch up a are a few pictures of our wonderful trip last week.  It was hard to get pics of everything; and I didn'  With such tight scheduling; we are rushed most of the time; but we had a great time....

The Amish buggy going through town,

This is a bit blurred.....but i did get it turned around for

 This is Marla holding this quilt out for me to take the picture.
This was at the lancaster Cannery....
This was at Lapps's Quilt shop....our tour guide, Julie helping Rachael..the Amish lady to show us the quilts on the bed ...they were beautiful!!

I can't begin to remember all the names of the shops we visited; but they were all unique/ believe me!

Marla and I brought back a nice big stack of fabrics

If you check out Marlas blog; link is will see more pics and the one of us in front of D'Millos....that is the floating restaurant......

It is a trip you should take if possible....I hope to have more pics later, when I get some of the other  
folks cards to download...they have better pics than I do.  I am bad at taking( or should I say not taking pics when I should).....enjoy!!

September's FMQ Challenge Block

This is going to be a very short a sweet little, I just got home and have a million things to do.   But I wanted to get my sample posted for this month before I forget about it!!  It was a nice challenge, but I was rushed. I will do this again and take my time with it this time.  I used Don;s way of transferring the stencil on to the fabric.  I used air soluable marker and it dissappeared before I got finished; so I found it hard to get the outside points just right. But here it is....It was a good challenge....thanks you to Darlene and Paula Reid for the work they put into it for us.

You can see from the points  what I was talking about above.....goodness; better luck next time,eh......

RTQAL Update

Here are 8 of the 16 blocks finished for this QAL...can't wait to get the top together, but I want to make it a bit bigger first.  Thanks to Em for hosting this one!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back Home from Pennsylvania!!!!!

Wow!!!!  I had one fantastic trip last week. We travelled to Lancaster,PA on a bus tour; and had so much fun! I owe a lot of the thanks to Marla,who roomed with me, she really made it a great trip.
We visited many Amish homes and craft shops along the way. Saw amazing quilts; couldn't count how many. I do have some pictures, but not on this computer; so a bit later I will post them for you.

We had supper with an Amish family one night...a wonderful experience.  We saw 'Jonah and the Whale' at the Sights and Sounds Theater.  You really need to google that and check this place out!! We weren't allowed to take pictures in was unreal!!!!!!!!  

We attended a dinner theater...'The Confession'...wonderful night also.  There are so very many beautiful little shops I can't begin to remember them all. A great street in Litiz full of quaint shops!!
The Wilbur Chocolate Factory....a pretzel name it; we did it!   lol

We went for a buggy ride with the Amish...I am so glad that I took this trip.  And; btw; I ate wayyyyyyyyy too much; wonderful restaurants. Our last meal in the US was at D'Millo's..a floating restaurant in Portland, Maine.   Fantastic place!!!!

Well that is it for tonight...I got in at 9pm yesterday....and had a hard time winding down to sleep. So; I am quite tired all in a day or 2...

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Last Post for a week.....

It is going to be so weird for me not to be on here everyday!!! But I am going on a vacation with Marla...and many others who are taking this bus tour.  We are travelling to Lancaster, PA...I've never been here, and can't wait.  We leave very early Sunday morning; spend one night in Tewkesbury, Maine...then on to PA., and back late on the 22nd.

Now on to quilting and sewing.....I finished the last of the 16 blocks for the Road Trip QAL........I was crazy piecing this one!! I was tired because I did laundry and housework this morning; then mowed the lawns this afternoon.  Didn't want to leave it unfinished and go  But I wanted to get this together before I left....and I managed it. I love the block; now that it is done!!!! lol

So here it is: West Virginia!!!!!!!

See you all in a week.......

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday

This week is flying by so quickly...I leave on Sunday morning for Pennsylvania...yay!! So excited...

Well; this week I finished the king size Log Cabin quilt
I put together another block for the RTQAL
I still have s scrappy quilt tops to hand quilt
I am working on a disappearing 4 patch(no pic yet)
Still want to add borders to the Sew Intertwined quilt top
And gathering ideas for the 'Wicked' Blog Hop in Oct.

Here are a couple of pics: Log Cabin:
RTQAL Block # 15:Kentucky Chain

Linking up to Monika and Lee  ....come take a look at the work out there. Thanks for reading this weeks post.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

RTQAL/Kentucky Chain

We are down to the wire with this QAL now....this is #15 of 16 blocks.  The Kentucky Chain was very quick to put together...mine is a little off at a couple of points. Must be the way I cut the fabric; it had some stretch in it...but it is

It rained all night; I am going to be in the sewing room for part of the morning.  This afternoon the folks going to Pennsylvania with me are meeting to get our info and things sorted out before the trip a week from today....can't wait!! Then a 25th Wedding Anniversary get together for friends and neighbours.  

My friend and neighbour, Marla from Marlas Crafts is going on this trip with me; she actually got me to go.  Marla has been there before; so she knows the quilt shops....yay!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Well I haven't linked up to TGIFF  or Richard and Tanya in quite sometime; so here I am today.
The only things I have finished are The Sew Intertwined QAL quilt top and the hand quilted Snowball quilt...they were actually finished last week, but didn't link up here. So her they are folks.
Hope you aren't sick of seeing these things.


Sew Intertwined....

Have a great weekend everyone....and please visit the above links....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

FMQ Challenge

We were given a bonus FMQ Challenge at the end of last month....I thought this would be the end for me...hahaha. But; you know it went quite well. Hosted by Darlene at SewCalGal...and tutorial by Susan Brubaker was actually a fun experience for me.

We were instructed to take photographs, then sketch it, put it on fabric and FMQ it. ow much easier could it get,right???   lol Here is my little piece of art; yeah right!

The photograph....
The sketch...
The sample of FMQ...

I transferred it to the fabric with Don's method back a few months ago; using tule.
This will be linked up to SewCalGal so that you can look at other works if you like.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Good morning everyone...a rainy morning here today; and it is very welcome. We desperately need lots of much as I hate it.  It means I get to stay indoors(sewing)....yay!!!

Works in progress this week:  There are 14 of 16 blocks finished for the is the latest one/Missouri:

I am hand quilting a king size Log Cabin:

Joined up for the 'Wicked' blog hop in Oct.  the button is on my sidebar; please take a look.
The FMQ Challenge is on for a few more months....I still have to try this month's challenge and the bonus challenge....I did take a few pictures yesterday to try to sketch for the bonus challenge.
That will be I'm not artist!!  But will be fun...

And I have 3 more quilt tops arriving the end of this month to hand quilt. After my vacation.
Marla is going on this trip to Pennsylvania with me; she has been there before; first time for me.
It is a bus trip...staying in the Amish Comfort Inns for a few days. This is something I am really looking forward to....quilts!!!!!!!! quilt shops!!!!!

Well you know the routine folks.....linking up to Freshly Pieced and Monika ....take a look for yourself. Thanks for reading this long long post...

Monday, September 3, 2012


Well I got in a hurry to make this block tonight...Em gave us 2 versions of it and I took the simple one.  It caught my eye first, and was simpler; so here it is:

Now Em added a square on its point in the center of the block; an it looks great...I can't believe we only have 2 blocks left in this QAL.