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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sew Intertwined Finished!!

Well; it has been some time coming, but the Intertwined quilt top has the extra borders on it now.
I did this as a QAL, but it only measured 60x60' I wanted it bigger. It is now 84x84 which is a much better size for a full size bed.  Love this quilt; so glad I took part in this QAL ..thanks gals.

Excuse the sunlight on the quilt top;  I had to spread it out on the kitchen floor and stand on a chair to take the  Sun is shining in my south window.  So; one of the to fit it in and hand quilt it!!!

Turkey is almost cooked; smelling delicious!!


  1. Looks wonderful Marjorie. Great finish!

  2. A very interesting quilt. I can't believe the amount of hand quilting you do!

  3. Thanks everyone.....I do love this one!! Now if I can just get around to quilting it.