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Monday, January 30, 2012

Love the Mailman!!

Was a beautiful day here today...sunny and very nice temp. We walked in the woods this morning...had lunch; then came the day got even better!! The fabric I won over at Michelle's arrived.
You gotta love it! Thank you so much Michelle love it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Modern Triangle QAL

This isn't a large QAL so I should be able to keep up with it..and gives me a nice break from hand wrists are tired. When they're tired they ache; I know, I'm telling my No matter...

It's not too late to join this QAL if you like. We are just starting to cut and piece things together....and it will be quick. So; here are the colours I chose for mine. It is suppose to be scrappy; but, I plan to put this on my kitchen I wanted it to go with the room decor. So; I just have a few different fabrics...and we will see how it turns out. fingers are
Coming SoonIf you would like to take part; or simply see what is going on or who else is in on it....just go here. There is a list on the sidebar of us taking part.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Please Take a Look/Giveaway!!

I was approached today by a company rep; asking me to show their product on my blog.I haven't used this product myself, maybe some of you have??  But checked it out a bit; seems to be a very good product to have. I would like to give you the opportunity to see for yourself; so here is the link to it...and a little information on the product.

Snap It Screen Capture

Capture anything you see on your PC screen with SnapIt. It is convenient tool for graphic designers, bloggers who capture and crop images for their posts, for tech writers who need to describe menus and interfaces of applications, web designers and those who work with graphics every day. It captures and auto saves images with one click.
* Supports hotkeys, auto-saving, clipboard
* Automatically copies screenshots to the clipboard
* Tracks capture history, auto-saves captured images
* Saves files in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats
* Auto-names captured images

And if it's not too much bother; could you let me know what you think..and if anyone has used it; thank you.
If anyone blogs/twitters or promotes this in another forum; and sends their link to the link above, they will receive a code to receive this product free.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Time to Vote!!!!

It is Friday and time to vote for the weekly theme I'm not asking you to vote for mine.
Who am I kidding; yes, I am!!  LOL...seriously, stop by here and have a look at all the lovely winter landscapes you can vote for...and if you happen to like mine.....

My piece is called Winter Scene.....thank you

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My FMQ Challenge

Well; I have done a few practice sandwiches and every day is different for me..I am not scared of it Whether or not I will ever get good at it; hmmmmmmmmmmmm...that is another issue...haha. But I am going to stick with it; if it kills me!! I have visited just about all of the links posted for this challenge...some great work....some more like mine...but we are all working at it. Surely  it will get

Seriously; there is some lovely work out there. So make sure you check it out at SewCalGal's; where I am linking up with my samples...and no laughing you....                                                                                 
sample #1

WIP Wednesday

Ok.........the week hasn't really gone by yet; has it?????? It is not a normal winter here in New Brunswick.
Today was rainy and mild; a very nice spring day without the sun.  It is going by so quickly; usually I would be tired of winter by now; but it has been a great one; so far....yikes, hope I don't jinks it

On with wips: My list is exactly the same as the past few except for the new commissioned quilt I have in the frames and hand quilting.  It is a lovely quilt...pieced by another quilting it.
                       I am also doing some practice on my FMQ for the challenge...still have to link up there with
                       sample is fun.
                       And Getting ready for Go!Ahead And Show Some Love  coming up next month...check my      
                       earlier post for that one...lots going on there.

That is the quilt I am working on now. I am liking up to Lee and Monika ; take a look for yourself...enjoy.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Go!Ahead And Show Some Love

As you may have read already; I will be joining a group of bloggers in a blog hop next month. We will be doing tutorials, some giveaways; showing what you can do with some of the tools out there. There are buttons on our blogs that show what we are using right now. This hop runs from Feb 13th through the 18th.

My day is Feb 16th....hope to see you is going to be lots of fun.  To see more of what to expect and for the list of bloggers...go here

I will update later as I get more info...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday

The week has gone by and it has been a nice week here. I am almost over my cold...which is soooooo nice.
We have been walking in the woods everyday; which hubby loves, and I get used it takes a little convincing before the first walk of the winter; but I love it once I decide to go. Today was mild and easy walking; very enjoyable really.

My progress this week: The commissioned quilt is finished
                                    I have the next one in the frames
                                    my project for the blog hop next month is ready
                                    practice is moving along with the FMQ Challenge
                                    the rest of my list is the

Finished Quilt
I am linking up to Lee and Monika take a look and see what is going on all over the world. Have a great day.
First attempts at the FMQ Challenge
Second Attempts   .....sorry for the poor arrangement of pictures. They just didn't                                                                                                                              

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giveaway Alert!!!!

Head on over to Samelia's Mum and enter her fabulous giveaway.  It's her 500th post and she is celebrating with all of us....aren't we the luckiest???? There is some beautiful fabric up for grabs people..have fun.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Giveaway!!!

You must have a look; to celebrate her birthday,Sameliasmum is having a nice little giveaway..some fabric...a finger press, needles..aren't we just the luckiest!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Great Day!! and Giveaways!!!

I came home from town to find out I have won some fabric from Michelle....such nice news!!

There is a giveaway going on here; say Happy 1st to Keira and that I sent you, please.
There is a giveaway going on here; so move it and get in on the fun.

Now in Feb. I will be taking part in a wonderful blog hop, featuring the Accuquilt Go Baby!
There are a number of us doing tutorials and having giveaways; so get ready people and enjoy.
Later on a list of the group will be available for you.

Have a wonderful weekend, and get

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Oh I made it this week; last week I just didn't get back into things in time. Well, how was everyone's holidays?  We had a great Christmas here with all our family home for the day. I got to cook too much and yes; eat too much!! But was lots of fun; the little ones really make Christmas.

Now on to my works in progress: I still have 2 scrappies waiting to be quilted
                                                                    Summer Sampler waiting
                                                                     Blueberry Basket waiting
I do have a commissioned quilt in the frames, some of you may have seen it.
I am working on something secret right
Another commissioned one waiting to be quilted.

Here is the one I am working on now...I put it in on New Year's Eve....I can now see the end of just a few days left...

Now I am linking up to  Lee and Monika have fun blog hopping.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Back into the Swing of Things!!/Mail

I am finding it very difficult to get back to a routine. With the holidays and my husband home for the winter; I find I am not taking the time I should with my sewing and quilting....but, here we go.

I have got a commissioned quilt in the frame and hand quilting it. I put it in on New Year's Eve, it is about 1/2 quilted. This isn't the best picture,but you get to see the quilt. I am also doing some practice on my FMQ for the challenge this month...Frances has given a wonderful Tutorial to follow...loving the leaves. I still have to get my sample quilt pieced....and I am working on something for next month;

Here is a pic of the quilt for now.  hope you stick with me to see what is coming up later on. Enjoy your weekend. Oh I had to come back in and add to this post.  I just got my mail for the day; nice surprise package in it. My Happy Camper Dessert Roll  was there!!! Thank you Katie from Katie's Salt Marsh Path....this was from here Christmas giveaway....the fabric is lovely.