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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Not Posting Much, but Very Busy

Lately, I have been busy quilting up a I have hand quilted two of these quilts, and machine quilted one.

I have machine quilted this throw size quilt, with the Fall Leaves...

This wallhanging....

This wallhanging...

I've finished piecing the Winter Wonderland....ready to machine quilt. Will post a pic
after it is quilted...since I didnt take one  I am almost finished hand quilting
a queen size Carpentar Star...pic to follow soon.  
I am also working on a beautiful quilt top right is so pretty!  I will post pics once it
comes together a bit more....the colors are gorgeous!  Plus, the 2 BOMs are coming up
again, very soon....gotta love being busy!  I have started weeding flower gardens and mowing
lawns again...oh, the joys of late spring.  I do wish it would get warmer, though.  I could stand
a bit for sunshine  In a week or two, we will be planting that huge veggie garden too!!!

Have a wonderful week folks.