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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Woo Hoo!!!

I loved Christmas, but...I am so happy now!!!!!!
I just put this in the frames to hand quilt.....ohhhhh, it feels good.

Monday, December 26, 2016

We Survived Christmas!!!!!

Well, it is over takes so long to get ready for it....and it's over in a matter of minutes!
But, I have to say, we had a fabulous day with our family. having our sons and their families with us is just the BEST!!!!

Our second son, Derek and his son, Dawson(15) with my husband, Merrill.
Our youngest son, Kirk with his son, Mason(10)
Our oldest son, Jamie with his family...wife, Lori, step daughter, MacKenzie(18). son,Ethan(11), and Ben(9).
Then, they through me in the mix!!!!!!
It's hard to beat time with these them to death! We had a very nice I hope all of you did too.

Now....I want to let you know, especially the folks from my fairly close area, I am selling my Tiara(sit down long arm). My husband has surprised with the new Babylock Coronet, which is a long arm on a short frame. This will fit in my, Tiara needs to move. She is 31/2 years old, and you would never know she was used. I take very good care of and oiling regularly. She has been serviced and that can be checked out easily..I have the receipt.
Included in the sale is....the machine, table with overlay, bobbin winder, and small items like wrenches, bobbins oil, etc.
This machine works like a charm, I just don't have the space for both.
Please, if interested, email me for details. I also have the packing box for the machine for carrying.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

4 Days til Christmas!!!!!

I want to wish all of my blogging friends a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!  I feel like I'm among the missing lately...I stopped all quilting a couple of weeks ago to get ready for the big day.  Now, I just want to get back to it!!!  

Have a wonderful time with your families!!!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Recent Finish

Well...this afternoon I finished hand quilting the last quilt before Christmas.  I do have two arriving this week to machine quilt for Christmas, but that's ok.  Here is the one I just finished...have to bind it yet.

What am I going to do without hand quilting for the next few weeks??????  I guess I can clean and get gifts wrapped, eh!!!!