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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blogger Quilt Festival

Well, I am here to show you my second entry in the Quilt Festival this year.  Amy from  works hard hosting this for us.  So, make sure you visit all the entries and, please vote!!

This quilt is being entered in the Hand Quilted category.
It measures 88x108 inches.
I pieced and hand quilted this myself.
The background is Kona charcoal and the rings are a mix of cottons.
the pattern is Double Wedding Ring.

The back is medium gray...

Close up of the hand quilting...

a little better look at the quilting...

I will be visiting all of the entries and hope you will too.  I am hoping for your vote....but please vote for the ones you love.  Thank you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Hello folks, it is time for the fun quilt festival!!!! I want to thank Amy from
For hosting the festival again, and spreading the word for all of us.  This year I am entering 2 large quilts as we can do just that.  This one is my very favorite quilt that I have ever made to this date.

This is called"Remembrance Poppy", which I made for a friend's daughter.
It is made from cotton fabrics and measures 90x100 inches.
I added the extra outside border because the pattern wasn't quite big enough.
This outside border was cut from my ribbon die for the Go Baby from Accuquilt.
I hand quilted this myself as this is what I do with the majority of my time.
You can see the colors , but the gray/green color in the ribbon border and the leaves has a sheen to it, which I just love.

I am entering this quilt in the large quilt category.

These are just a few pictures to show you the hand quilting.

The back of the quilt, which is actually a dark green....poor lighting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Ahhhhhhhh another week gone by.....and Fall is in the air.  Hubby and I managed to get all of our winter wood in over the weekend....very tiresome but finished, and it was fun working at it together.

So, now I can sew This week, I am still hand quilting the balloon quilt from last week.  I am also making lots of smaller projects for the craft sale coming up on Nov. 8th at Crandall University in Moncton.

Here are a few of them....some finished, some not!

this little topper is a kit from Connecting Threads.

large Halloween quilted and finished.

Christmas pillow same size as the one above, finished.

started this wall hanging yesterday...Cool Cats. I did some of the appliqué today. It is fun!!!

Pieced this table runner today....very quick pattern that needs to be layered and quilted.

this runner is even quicker...when finished, it will be cut to a point on each end.

My daughter-in-law made this bag for her niece for Christmas.  She is just learning to sew, so I am helping her with a few "Frozen"pieces.  Here is another view of it....Maisie is going to be so thrilled with this and more to come.
A little better light in this one.  This is to carry her dolls and things in...LOL
we have more planned for later.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pillow by Linda Coolen Smith

I mentioned a little while ago that I won a copy of this new magazine of Canadian quilters.

Well. Linda has her pattern published it this.....yay!!!!
Connie and myself got together yesterday and made our own....and love it!
Here is mine...

Now it is lying flat because there is no cushion inside it yet...LOL.  I don't have the right size right now.
it was made with 21/2" Christmas charms.

And there she is!!!!!   
Thanks for my copy Linda, will be making another soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

WIP Wednesday

it's been a week or two since posting a, this week I want to share a few little things I am working on.

I do have lots going on, but not ready to show on with the items I can show.
this is the front of a body pillow that I am making for a craft sale..Connie is making one too.It is pinned and ready to quilt on Tiara.

This is a table topper pinned to quilt for the same sale...I love this new line of fabric.

This one is just in process right now. The background is pieced and ready to fuse on the wreaths.
this will be my first time taking part in a large craft sale....see how it goes, eh.  Lol

This is a tree skirt made from the metalic fabric from above....I need to layer and pin it then get it quilted.

I finished hand quilting this customer quilt. she picked it up today....her grandmother pieced it back in the early 60s, and she just came across it and wanted it done to keep.  she hugged me o death...a good feeling!!!

the back...

This one is in the frames being hand quilted now. 
This was pieced by Rose, one of my sewing buddies. the background is black with hot air balloons.  It is the little Window Pane pattern.  Rose loves the balloon festival, so this is perfect for her.  it is almost impossible to see the quilting on this quilt.

I am linking up to 

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Quick Thank You

a few days ago I posted a few wins I had lately....well, this one came in the mail today!!  You know...I have been so lucky to receive these gifts from friends all over the world. this one comes from Chris in Ontario, Canada. It is another gorgeous gift....thank you so very much Chris!!!!!

It is a pattern for Hearts and Flowers quilt.....this will take me a long long time to make, and it is stunning!  
it is a large booklet with loads of templates....beautiful qUilt pattern.

I love it and feel so special this week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sharing a few Wins

Recently I have been very fortunate with giveaways, so...I wanted to share them with you.

the Quilt magazine was a gift from Linda.....the lovely FQs and pattern were from Martha, and the apron, bib and embroidery kit is from Amy....all fantastic giveaways.   

Thank you ladies  for these lovely gifts!!!!!