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Friday, October 17, 2014

Pillow by Linda Coolen Smith

I mentioned a little while ago that I won a copy of this new magazine of Canadian quilters.

Well. Linda has her pattern published it this.....yay!!!!
Connie and myself got together yesterday and made our own....and love it!
Here is mine...

Now it is lying flat because there is no cushion inside it yet...LOL.  I don't have the right size right now.
it was made with 21/2" Christmas charms.

And there she is!!!!!   
Thanks for my copy Linda, will be making another soon.


  1. That's wonderful Marjorie! So glad you tried my pattern. It looks awesome!

  2. Isn't that Linda something! Lovely pillow!

  3. Are those Xmas fabrics? I like the idea of that!