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Thursday, July 23, 2015

FMQ Challenge/July

Can you believe it???????....almost the end of July!!!!!  today is a gorgeous, hot sunny day, and I mean hot. I mowed the lawns early this morning...before the grass was even near dry. We are expecting thunder showers, I got out early and finished it.

Ok, to the business at hand....pillow challenge!  This month our expert is Paula Reid...if you don't know Paula, you got to look her up.  I have her DVD called 'Fluff and Stuff' that is the option I went with this time around.

Paula covers a lot of territory in this video, but she focuses on tracing stencils to follow with your machine needle.  I always had a hard time following a line!  This time...not!!!  I enjoyed each minute of it!!!!!

This pillow is quite similar to an earlier one I did, but it was free hand.  So, here we go....starting  my pillow.

first step...I drew the flower and stitched it out...then
the double circle and feather round.....drawn and stitched. And....
then, I added some fillers to finish it off...stippling in the Center and meandering around the outside of the feather.  I like!!!!!!

To see the rest of this months pillows....scoot over to;  


  1. Your pillow is lovely. FMQ is great.

  2. this is beautiful, small world had never heard of Paula till yesterday when someone else shared a video of her quilting, she is pretty amazing will have to see if I can find anymore of her videos on utube

  3. Fantastice Marjorie , very well done .

  4. Really nice, Marjorie! Your pillow is beautiful!

  5. So pretty and even. Love your pillow.

  6. Very pretty pillow, bravo !

  7. Beautiful! The quilting shows up wonderfully.

  8. This is so beautiful! I love the quilting and need to take a go at FMQ.

  9. Nicely done, Marjorie! The pillow looks elegant!

  10. It's beautiful Marjorie, what fabric did you use and did you find it easy to work with?