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Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Finish

It seems my posts are getting too far apart lately.  I used to post constantly, but lately. I don't know why, but seems I am rarely here.  I hope to change is a quilt I finished piecing this past week. It is the Carpentar Star....fabric came from Spruce it up Quilt shop in my province. I don't get there near as often as I would like.  This color pallet is not the norm for me, but it is growing on

I hope to make another soon...very quick pattern.  I am also enjoying the end of my garden lately.  I have mixed feelings about that...nice to see the end of the work, but will miss the fresh veggies!!! I have been digging potatoes for a few days...still more to dig.  And picking ripe tomatoes from the vines too.
They are such a treat!  Our Annual community turkey supper is next weekend...ohhhhhhhh, the fun and the work!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend all...


  1. It's always lovely to hear from you Marjorie whenever you post and to see your beautiful quilts. I haven't posted as often as I did but life gets busy and there just isn't time. It's our Harvest supper and barn dance on Saturday which will be fun. Enjoy your turkey supper.

  2. There are always mixed feelings about the end of the summer garden. For us, it now means planting the winter garden so the work does not end there.

    The color scheme of your piece is very soothing. It looks great.

    I've become a terrible blogger too. We all understand the time pressures. It's nice to see you when we can.