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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Oh wow, what a busy day today!!  Started digging my potatoes for winter....I have aches where I didn't know I still had muscles...LOL

So, on with works in progress....I finished this one:

I like the fall the back 
this one is in the frames, and got a little start on it...

Close up of hand quilting
I know the pics are small from my iPad, but it is convenient to take the pics and send them right here.

I have a dust cover started for my Tiara...this is the fabric all quilted and ready to put together.

I have another quilt on the Tiara and ready to go....I pin basted it today. you know the ones I can't show yet...grrrr.   Soon folks!!!

I have blocks cut out for a quilt, but nothing really to show yet, maybe next week.And my Rush Hour projects were posted today. I really enjoyed these pieces. here they are again.

and the piece I donate to our RCMP detachment

ok folks, I am about ready to retire...dead on my feet tonight....linking up to Monika...take a look at everyone's work. Sleep well.


  1. Wonderful work Marjorie , the fall quilt is gorgeous and the dresdans will be lovely as well . Thank you for making the quilt for the RCMP detachment , what a wonderful thing to do , I will share this with my son , I know he will be touched .

  2. Your autumn leaves look wonderful. I'll bet you are exhausted after all of that garden work. Rest up.

  3. such beautiful quilting. I am attempting hand quilting but cannot get small stitches maybe one day they will come

  4. What a busy corner your blog is--I love the autumn quilt. I hope you get lots of potatoes. This year was a bumper crop for us!

  5. Oh, my all that digging and you still have the energy to quilt! :-) Love the leaves quilt at the top. I'm so ready for fall!

  6. Leaf quilt is beautiful. Lots of work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your leaf quilt is beautiful and your hand quilting is incredible...I don't hand quilt anymore so you wow me!