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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Good morning is another hot sunny morning..which I love and have been waiting for careful what you wish for!! My head ached all day yesterday because of the heat...and I have to mow lawns this morning...but, hey...I still love summer.  Works in progress.......I finished the Log Cabin:  she will bind it herself...I have the first 4 blocks done for the Summer Sampler....which you can see in earlier posts or on Flickr...I am holding off looking at #5 since I have to mow first..and it is my first paper pieced

I am a little farther ahead with the applique quilt top....
I have another top arriving later this week to be hand I am holding out for it..want to get it back to her before she goes back home in August...
And I am about to start piecing another one of the custom soon as I do my summer sampler block; maybe later today; I, this week has been pretty good.  1 finish.....1 1/2 finished....blocks all up to date.....and the yard work hasn't suffered 

Now have fun with your works and join Lee over at


  1. Love the neutral tones with the pop of color on your Log Cabin quilt. A fresh look for a classic quilt.

  2. the log cabin is so catching, the neutrals and the quilting make it pop! Nice job!

  3. The log cabin turned out so gorgeous! Nice job on it. Love the blues in the applique. :)

  4. love that log cabin. Very pretty!