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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday!!!!! Sept.28th

This has been revised for this weeks WIP....I had it ready for last week; but there wasn't one.  So; here we go.  It seems like ages since I have been here with you all. I think I only missed one week altogether, but felt like I had nothing to share except other work for awhile...

Well; here we are again with some works in progress and summer is going going gone....nice weather though.
My works...oh my!!

2 scrappys and Harry Potter waiting to be hand quilted
Blueberry Basket(applique) waiting
summer sampler still just blocks(goodness)
blue top for London waiting
Dear Jane finished
Dresdens in the frames
started an applique with a QAL at my favorite quilt shop in the area
going to start next order that goes with the Dresdens very soon

So; as you can see I am very busy...getting little done!!! Hahaha.,but getting there,.

Here are a couple of pics of Dear Jane and the Dresden in progress
back of it,, an update for this week...the Dresden is all quilted except for the last row of blocks....and this is our community turkey supper; I am busy this week baking and getting ready for that...a group of us women got together this morning and made over 900 do-nuts...yummmmmmm!!
I am linking up to Lee over at Freshly Pieced....go have a look for yourself...lots going on; I'm sure.


  1. That Dear Jane is amazing! Maybe you would post some close ups of the blocks? The back looks wonderful too with all the quilting showing so nicely!

  2. Wow that Dear Jane is gorgeous , that was definitely a lot of quilting for you to do and your dresdan is going to be beautiful as well, great work Marjorie. I think you are very busy!!

  3. Dear Jane is amazing! Holy cow - hand quilting that? Wow - you are amazing. I would never have that much patience. It is absolutely beautiful!

  4. That Dear Jane is AMAZING!!! WOW what a beautiful quilt...makes me want to make one... :)

  5. wow - your dear jane is outstanding - beautiful work

  6. Dear Janes always amaze me. I've done 2 blocks.
    Yours looks wonderful. I'd love to see closeups also.

  7. Dear Dear Jane! She is just gorgeous!

  8. Your Baby Jane gives me hope that someday mine will be done too. It's gorgeous!

  9. WOW! That Dear Jane is amazing!!