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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pictures of the Quilts in Amherst Show

I didn't take many pictures; only had my phone with me...and I usually forget. if not for Marla there would be So; here are a couple for you...I didn't think to take any of the wools and fiber arts at the bizzare. But for someone into this; it was a great bizzare!!

 The Bluenose....not too clear, though
Looking down to the front of the church....and this runner...I thought was just too cute!! Reminds me of Beetle juice.

This is an iron carrier...very neat idea!

And me!!!!  with a lovely background of quilts....I even found a couple of quilts in the show that I hand quilted for the owner!!!  Was a nice surprise.


  1. Beautiful quilts. And what a beautiful venue! I love pipe organs.

  2. What a lovely show and you look great with all those quilts behind you.

  3. Wow, that church is spectacular! And even more beautiful with the quilts.!!

  4. It looks wonderful! And to see a couple of quilts that you hand quilted must have been fun. I'd like to get to that festival some year. I went to high school in Amherst and attended the United church there.

  5. Sure wish I could have gotten there , looks fabulous !