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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday/August Goal Finish!!!!

I didn't forget this week folks!! You know; the mind is the first thing to go...haha!! It has been a fantastic week here...sunny, maybe a little too hot...but fantastic. I've been harvesting lots of my garden, doing a little reno to the house and lots of sewing and quilting.

To my list now:  I have finished the Ribbon quilt for my customer...
Now; you may notice there is one triangle out of place here...she chose to leave it.  Something she may change herself.  

My hexies are completely ready; but I can't show you. My day is the 28th. But please make sure you visit everyone during this blog hop that started today.

I am ready to quilt another block for The About a Quilt QAYGQAL...

Swoon quilt is ready for the last border....I am thinking about that one right now..may add something more; not sure.

I have 2 waiting to be hand quilted for a customer....I'll show you one now, I just put it in the frames.

  I also have 2 scrappies of my own to quilt....a lap Texas Teardrop...and my Garden Fence.  So; still lots to get caught up with....and I am starting my project for the pin cushion blog hop....

I am linking up to Monika andLee; along with so many others; please take a look.

Now; it is time for My August Goal Finish!!  This Ribbon quilt was my only goal for this month, and it is finished....yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am linking up to Sew BitterSweet Designs.


  1. Your Swoon is so gorgeous!!! I also love the scrappies.

  2. Whew! so much to do and so much done! Gorgeous scrappy in the bottom photo, simple yet lots to look at while dreaming of fantastic things!

  3. Your ribbon quilt is stunning!

  4. Hi, Marjorie. Glad to see you busy on all fronts. Great stuff. Hope you schedule driving time! ;) ;)

  5. LOVE the ribbon quilt ... saw it in pink on Pinterest the other day - but the blue is simply stunning :)

  6. Really love your swoon and I'm in awe of your productivity!

  7. Wow, you are very proficient! I confess I looked, but couldn't find the mistake in your customer's quilt. And I love your Swoon!


  8. Beautiful swoon quilt and the ribbon quilt is lovely but I didn't spot the mistake either , you have been keeping very busy as always !

  9. Lots going on Marjorie. I love the Ribbon quilt Very pretty and your Swoon is lovely. I might have to give that one a go someday.

  10. You certainly get a lot done in a week!

  11. Lots of lovely eye candy in your post. If the ribbon quilt were mine, I wouldn't fix it. One has to search really hard to even find it!