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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Go To Jail!!......I am a Quilter!!!!

Well; I read Paulette's post and then Connie's post and I couldn't resist any longer!!  This is because I Am A Quilter!!!!!

I have....a quilt on the Tiara....
Quilts posing on the kitchen floor
Quilts waiting to be quilted....
Customers quilts.....
Finished quilts
Quilt on my bed....
Quilt in progress...
Quilts outside in the sun...
New quilts....done with friends....

I could go on and sunporch is full of quilts and quilted items for sale.
But I think you get the picture,,,,right????

I am linking up to Paulette...come take a look at the rest of us


  1. What a lovely collection of quilts especially the one on your bed.

  2. Gorgeous quilts. You are definitely a quilter!

  3. Marjorie I just LOVE it! Thanks for inspiring! I hope to post too late this week. Love all the eye candy! Hugs, Karen

  4. There can be no doubt your are a quilter, so many beautiful quilts about.

  5. I have two of the green and purple panels in the first pick. One is going on the back of a quilt, the other will be made into a little quilt.

  6. what a lovely selection of quilts you have shared with us

  7. Beautiful quilts Marjorie and I knew you would take part in this! I would love to come and see your sun porch!!

  8. So many goodies, Marjorie! Such beautiful work!

  9. Mercy! What gorgeous quilts. You are definitely guilty!

  10. I love your quilts, the fishing quilt is very unique!

  11. Quite a display of beautiful quilts at your place!

  12. Yep! You are convicted, too! ;D