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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday

it is time for me to link up to  I seem to have been sewing and quilting non stop the past few days, because it is too cold for anything else!! I can't believe it is the end of May and we are just above 0 here today...crazy!!!
tomorrow things are suppose to start going up, thank heavens. that means planting my peas and mowing the let's see what is up for tonight, as I am posting this Tuesday evening.

Let's start with these little pieces... I showed you one last week, but made a second one...

both are quilted and bound now...I like these little pieces.
Next, I finished my pieces for the stroppy challenge , but you will have to go to my next post to see those. they are posted on Wed/28th as well, and there is a link  at Pieced Brain with Denise.

Remember last week I showed you Annette's quilt?

well.... Here is where I am working on it now..can you tell we are close to the center???
Here is a tineey little peek at it....
No more quilting being shown until it is finished ...LOL. I want Annette to see her quilt before everyone else does....hope you understand.

I have finished piecing the Poppy quilt!!  this is what I showed you last time ....
Not large enough here, so I added a border of sashing strips wrapped in ribbons. And it is really hard to a few pictures of it ahead.

there we are....ribbon borders with different alternating corner blocks.
when Annette's quilt comes out this one goes on.  I have one coming from Alberta mid June to be hand lots to do.
Besides these...I have 2 large quilts of my own to machine quilt.
That is about it for this time around, hope you visit the rest of the links to see what everyone is up to this week.
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  1. I'll take your cool weather over the heat and humidity we are experiencing right now. Lovely poppy quilt and it looks like you're going to be busy for quite some time.

  2. you've been busy! That sounds like it is still ridiculously cold - I shan't complain anymore.

  3. it finally warmed up here and with that the rain but we need the moisture for everything to grow. Nice little tease Marjorie ;0)
    I am sew lucky to have you working on my quilt.... thanks again.
    in stitches

  4. love the poppy quilt and your small pieces with boats are nice too. Can understand you not sharing Annette`s quilt yet but no doubt we will see it completed soon. Wet here but at least warmer than you are and have already cut the grass 7 times, it won`t stop growing!

  5. What great projects. They are all lovely. The ribbon border looks very fancy.

  6. Your quilts are amazing. I really like the quiltng.

  7. Your poppy quilt is turning out nicely. We were cold here in MB and then jumped right up to breaking record highs. :O