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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday

A whole week has gone by already!!!  We had a gorgeous day here today, Tuesday...I post early.  I didn't get to sew much because I was mowing lawns and weeding my veggie garden.  I love seeing the plants grow!  I was outside pretty much all day today and I am beat...but in a good way...LOL

This week all I have done is finish piecing my wall hanging from Connecting Threads.

that is pretty well the whole thing here, but difficult to see well...I can't stand back far enough in this room.  I'll show it again after I quilt it on Tiara....soon.

and I am this far on the Poppy quilt ....I am in about 45". From the beginning border.

tomorrow is suppose to be rainy, so when I get back from our community hall (cleaning)...I will quilt more on this one.

that is it for me this time folks....hope you visit again. Linking up to Monika over at and Lee at


  1. It's nice to have a little rain so you have an excuse to stay inside and work on some of those fun projects.

  2. projects looking good and sounds as though your garden is the same with all your hard work out there

  3. that wall hanging is cute and the poppy...beautiful!

  4. Yesterday was a beautiful day , great day for gardening . Very nice quilt and your poppy quilt is coming along well .

  5. Love those projects but especially the poppy! great work!

  6. Lovely projects. Your poppy quilt looks beautiful!!


  7. Summer sure gives a variety of projects and jobs! :)

  8. Your wall hanging is coming along nicely. Love the quilting on the poppies!

  9. Oh my gosh....I just love them alllllllll!!!