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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Free Motion Challenge/ May 2015

YQuiltshopgal.... has been hosting this challenge again this year. We are in our fifth month already, and having fun!!'!

This months expert is Cindy she is fantastic! I have taken Cindy's Design it Quilt it class...learned so much. But I am going back to her demo in our 2012 challenge for this one.  it was about dividing and conquering space, which you can see here.....

Create a pillow using the free tutorial from the 2012 FMQ Challenge, by Cindy Needham.  This is a great learning opportunity where you will learn about Cindy’s approach for “divide and conquer”, S-Curve and more.

I took a little differnt approach this time around, though.  I had this swirl design in my head for some reason,and went with that.

A differnt view of it...
I filled the Center swirls in completely...then added a little pebbling and stapling to the sides of the pillow.   love it!!  I didn't try to keep my swirls exactly the same...just flowing and had so much fun with it.

I used Kona Denim and signature gray thread on my Tiara.  Thanks for taking a please go to the link above and see the gorgeous inventions.



  1. Wow, very nice. I love it! I'm always afraid to "get out of my box" and do FMQ. That's why I bought a Statler. I'm always so envious of all of y'all that can do it.

  2. Very nice...Like what you have done with your pillow.

  3. That looks great. The swirls make such a great quilting design.

  4. You made a very nice pillow. I like it.

  5. Lots of movement happenin' with your pillow! Fun!

    I'm still workin' on mine, but don't think I'm gonna make that deadline. :(

  6. great cushion.. I love the flow the quilting gives.