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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WIP Wednesday

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Hello folks....having a great week so far. As Marla said in her post; we had a fantastic day yesterday with a group of ladies...sewing at the  church. It's a job keeping Marla in line, but we

Today, a customer picked up her finished quilt that she pieced for her grandson...and we got her sewing machine working for her.  Here is the quilt I finished hand quilting and bound for her...the second one done for her this fall.

   And the previous one.....
I put this customer quilt in to be hand quilted this afternoon...

Trip around the marking!!! Will save lots of time, and going to be very pretty.
I am ready for the Christmas blog hop starting on day is Friday. I sure hope Friday the 13 th is smooth!!!!!

Here is my design wall...yes, I have one!!  My sewing buddies got me one in July for my birthday!!!
  Ten bottles of nail polish now...I think that is it. I will alternate with a plain block and border...I think.
And, I have a small start on an I Spy quilt...just wall,hanging size.
These are so cute!!!  I have this one pin based for my Tiara now...ready to go.

Ok.....that's it for me this week..thanks for visiting.  Have a great Remembrance Day!


  1. Marjorie as always great quilts. The nail polish blocks are super cute.

  2. you always have so much on the go...amazing!

  3. That looks like a busy week. I like the colors in the one that is ready for hand quilting.

  4. Wow you have been super busy. That nail polish quilt is pretty neat