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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday...where does the time go?

THis week I am fighting headaches each day, but moving along.  I did finish and am shipping this morning...these quilts for customers.

THis is a large queen size quilt, hand this soft fabric. It is a wedding gift from my customer.
And this one...I apologize because I neglected to get a picture of it finished before packing it up.
But seriously, there is so much going on with the little can't see the quilting. This is a bed runner with a cushion to match.  I met the owner on the cruise ship, and was delighted to do this for her.
I am now hand quilting this one..
This is a customer quilt made from gorgeous flannel. I was afraid it would be hard to hand quilt, but not so! I have a couple of crib quilts to machine quilt...and many more large quilts waiting.
I am also starting a snow geese quilt..just have a few pieces maybe next time there will be something to show you.
We'll have to get to it here folks...have a great rest of the week!!!!


  1. Those flowers are super cute!

  2. Joining you in the week of headaches...what a pain. Am surprised though at how much you got done. Looks lovely

  3. not nice headaches trust they have cleared up now. The flower quilt is a real beauty not seen one like that before. Not sure what a snow geese quilt is but best of luck with the cutting

  4. Beautiful work as usual Marjorie! I hope your headaches clear up soon.....that can't be fun.

  5. That wedding quilt is gorgeous, Marjorie. I LOVE those dimensional flowers. How did you quilt something like that?

    Your quilting is always so inspiring. No wonder the time flies for you.