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Thursday, July 14, 2016


Finishes are such a feeling of accomplishment, aren't they?  This quilt is the third or fourth that I've hand quilting for this lady.  She always uses the brightest colours for her grand children's
I edited this pic on my phone, but it didn't crop when it went to my iPad...what????  Lol here it is anyway.
This next pic is the fabric I'm going to use for my next order...Double Irish Chain.
This should make a very pretty quilt...don't you think? Well, I am working the Historical Society Quilt show and sale tomorrow morning.  It's been years since I've worked the quilt show...should have put some of mine in this year,,,,always next year, eh.

Have a great weekend!!!!!


  1. That blue will be fabulous in a Dbl. Irish Chain. I love that pattern in almost any fabric.

  2. nice quilt and your fabric choice willwork so well for your quilt, have a good time at the show, I miss working at the shows but do not think I have the energy to do iy anymore very draining but miss the funpart and all the other traders