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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Much Fun!!

Well; the do-nuts are made!! We had so much fun...there were 10 of us ladies from the community making the do-nuts this morning...we made 80 dozen of those tastey little things....and they were am soooooo full. It is an assembly line project; one mixes rolls and cuts out the do-nuts; 2 of us(me) cook them in the grease; then the rest take them from us..sugar them; take them to cool off and wait to be eaten.....tiresome; but good fun...

And the stories that are told while cooking; well, good laughs....then a couple of the husbands come in when we are finished; to eat dinner with us...The lady of the house made a nice casserole..fresh tea pickles...and do-nuts for dessert..imagine new do-nuts; after I snacked on them all morning!!!

Now back home to do my own work for the afternoon..tonight I pick up my turkey which I will cook in a few days....among other things...I will keep you informed on the whole week..

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