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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Beautiful Monday!!

The sun is shining; temp is up..not sure what it is; but Wanted to share a bit of my weekend with all of you. It was spent outside....Friday I helped hubby clean the garage some more...getting ready to take the Solstice out; top down time, yaaaaaayyyy!! Saturday and Sunday I helped him clean junk; I call it; out of his barn..where he keeps the tractor...what a mess!! The price of metal has gone up, so maybe, just maybe I can get rid of all this  Anyway was a fun time together... in old work clothes dragging and lugging anything and everything outside and putting a little of it  We also saw that our goldfish in the pond are waking up in the's a large pond; there are hundreds of them....and we put up a solar lighthouse on the walkway of the's kinda cute...

So; overall, a busy weekend... I am going outside now to do a bit of raking...I love it outside in the sun...ttyl.

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