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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Whoo Hoo!!!!  We are into Feb.; and moving along through our winter. We have lots of snow forecast for this weekend. That means we can snowshoe again, which makes the winter fly by nicely, and keeps it a bit warmer. Anyway; on with the WIPs:

I am just past the 1/2 way mark hand quilting the 'Bluenose'...I will have pictures when finished.
I am ready for the 'Hugs and Kisses' blog hop next week...a sneak peek:

I am working on something for the 'All About Me' blog hop the end of the month:
And I pieced this table topper along with my friend Connie from Shepody Mountain Crafter...this is a kit we bought from Connecting Threads...I just love it!!!!
This; along with the runners I showed you last week, still have to be quilted. We are getting together to sew again tomorrow afternoon and evening with 2 other friends. You may remember the quilt I showed you last week too.  It belonged to Rose; one of the other friends. We have a great time working and having tea together.

I will be linking up to Monika and  Lee . If you want to see some amazing work; join know you want Grab a tea or coffee and browse the work.

Sorry about no link to Lee.....the linky won't work for me...I've tried and tried. maybe next


  1. Looking forward to seeing Bluenose finished! Love your table topper too.

  2. That table topper is gorgeous! Sounds like you have a great group of friends!

  3. I can't wait to see that hand quilting on your Bluenose. Did you hand I quilt your "Hugs & Kisses" quilt? I just went to check out the "All About Me" blog hop and noticed that I missed the deadline :(...oh well, thank you for telling us about it and I look forward to the tour of blogs with the design, yours, looks great, judging by the corner peak! I am starting the hand quilting of my log cabin quilt! Come by and give me your best tip!

  4. I love the table topper. The colors are wonderful.

    Looking forward to the finish of Bluenose.

  5. Me too! Cant wait to see your Bluenose. Love the table topper too. Lovely fabrics.

  6. such a tease!! lovely sneak peaks!

  7. Lovely tabletopper. :-)
    Beautiful colours.

  8. Great sneak peaks , won't be long now before the big reveal.Love that table topper Marjorie and I am anxious to see the Bluenose quilted .

  9. You've been busy! Lots of lovely projects!

  10. I recognize those curves. Good work, Marjorie

  11. Great projects, and great that you have friends who keep you in stitches.