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Sunday, March 17, 2013

National Quilting Day's Work

Good morning all!  As most of you know; I got together with friends yesterday to sew and quilt a bit.
We made a pillow cuff; which was lots of fun. We talked a lot...laughed all day!...and got some sewing here is my little project. I took lots of pics to show you the whole thing....except the back; which is basically the same as the background of the front.

close-up with the little buttons
The decorative flaps on each end
And the open finished cuff....wrong pillow insert..but you get the picture...right?
The back is the green with the rust color on each end as in the front of the pillow.  I quilted the front center panel; as it was National Quilting Day!!!  That center piece is tan; which doesn't look it here.
I hope you all enjoyed your day too....


  1. Marjorie, that is so cute, but I am not getting the concept. Is it a pillow cover, or opened ended slip? I think it is so neat and would like the details. Glad you had a nice International Quilting Day!

  2. Looks good Marjorie. Now I have to get mine done.

  3. Sounds like the perfect day!! Gorgeous pillow cuff.

  4. The pillow turned out great. We did have lots of fun and will be something to plan for next year