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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hello Everyone

Nothing about sewing or quilting right now....just had to share my afternoon with you.  This is what is going on in my pond right now!!  Gorgeous!!!!

 The Canada Geese are so large and graceful...I could watch them in the water all day...but I have to!!!!
 This is a rock that my friend Marla gave me yesterday....her son makes these....I just love it!!! I focused in so much on the rock; that I didn't get any of the!!

Now; I am not loafing around....haha; just took a tea break from hand quilting. And I have progress with the fish quilt....up date tomorrow.....


  1. Like your new header. Very pretty. I got all the primroses planted and the yellow ones. Looks good. Thanks

  2. I love seeing the geese too , they often land in the field next to our house , it is nice to take a,nature break now and then ;-) really love the rock but then I am a huge dragonfly fan .