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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Here we are again....and I feel like I haven't accomplished much this week. Now that is because I am working outside as much as I can.  I have also had a stiff neck and sore shoulders since mowing the lawns last week. But; I did it again today....I mowed lawns and cleaned a large flower bed out today.
I am hoping to work that stiffness out of my  Fingers are crossed.

Now on to WIPs: I am still working on this one...half way now....

I did finish quilting 2 baby quilts on Tiara this week.....

 Close up....
 This is one that I put together in was done as a QAYG quilt....then I FMQ it on Tiara
 close up.....a way to use up fabric.
I haven't done much with the fishing theme quilt this week; but next week, I hope to change that one.
I guess that's about it for me this time folks.....I will be linking up to Monika and Lee ; make sure you take a peek.


  1. Lookin' good Marjorie! Cute baby quilts. Tiara is getting a workout.

  2. Way to go on the machine quilting, Marjorie! Everything's looking great!

  3. Nice incise new header! You are really going to town on the Tiarra! I love those flowers.
    I've been trying to get outside to work too. I enjoy it but it does cut into sewing time. Oh well, as the saying goes, there is a season for everything. We must go with the flow.

  4. Beautiful work! Looking forward to seeing it when it's finished.

    Love the baby quilts!

  5. Great quilting with Tiara, Marjorie. I hope the kink works out after all of the hard work in the gardens.

  6. Oh that is no fun Marjorie , hope that kink works itself out real quick. Your quilts look great , seems you are quite comfortable with your new machine .

  7. Pretty baby quilts! Hope you can get the kinks stretched out!

  8. Really like the first baby quilt. Nice job.

  9. Love the quilting on the baby quilt. Jealous of the Tiara:)

  10. I love your crazy reasoning that more work will help ease the pain of previous work!! lol That is my way of thinking as well! Great quilting happening on your new machine-isn’t it fun rewarding to quilt pieces this way?

  11. Lovely projects! Treat yourself to a bath with Epsom salts, does wonders for stiff muscles.