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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 FMQ Challenge/January

Well, it has been awhile  since I took this challenge...2012 I did this with Sewcalgal, and now again.

This is one of the best ways to try new adventures with your machine quilting. Most of you know that I am a long time hand quilter trying my hand at FMQ.  This time around, we were given 3 options that we could use. I decided to use 2 of them in the one pillow. 

I used the method that France's Moore showed us in the 2012 challenge.....
And the method shown by LuAnn Kessi for this years challenge...the feathered heart.

I wish I had thought to take pictures during the process, but you know me...I is my version of this heart pillow.

Here you can see the leaf with the swirl....
This shows the feathered heart...
Close up of the feathers.....
The whole pillow....measuring roughly 20"x20"

Now, if I were to do this again...I would take more time and fill the background in more densely.
But you know what I did???  I sat down to get a start ,ok??  Lol. I traced the heart outline...then stitched it. then I drew the spines freehand...stitched and couldn't stop!   Every few minutes I said to myself....just a little more.  Well, we all know what happened to that idea, eh.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The feathers are completely tracing.

My quilting is far from perfect, but I am so very happy with this.
So, please follow the link above an see the many version of this pillow this month.


  1. Your pillow is beautiful!!! Fabulous quilting and how fun to be doing challenges again!! :^)

  2. Good for you taking on this challenge...I'm still being chicken half the time! Your pillow came out great and inspires me to stop avoiding!! LOL!! THANKS!

  3. Great feathers, particularly when done freehand. I could not trust myself and pre-drew them...almost done, just need to put the pillow together.

  4. Great job. I have wanted to do this challenge every year and haven't. It is great being pushed outside our comfort zones. Beautiful work!

  5. It's great..... those feathers have come up well ... and I like the leafy heart vine in the background...

  6. Great pillow! Mine is far from perfect but they all look good or better and they are fun to do! ~Jeanne

  7. Beautiful work and pillow. XXX

  8. Your pillow is beautiful! I also forget each time to take pictures of the process ;) Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!