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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Wow!!!!  The week flew by, didn't it?  We got s little snow, but is quite pretty really.  As usual I am linking up to Monika at and

This week I finished hand quilting Marla's quilt... Rose Garden.

 Another look...

This was very nice to work at she did nice piecing. I taught her everything she knows!!!! Lol
I couldn't resist....but I'm lying.  Lol

I also finished machine quilting this one today...a kit from Connecting .threads..called Oh Gee.
Now a peek at the back, where you can see the quilting.
This is my first try at ruler work...the versa tool. I like it so far...

I have my FMQ Challenge project ready to post and will do that in a few days..I am quite happy with it. 
This afternoon I starting cutting pieces for my next quilt ...called Prints on Point. I'll have something to show you next time.
The sewing buddies and myself got together yesterday to gossip and have some laughs. Not much work was done, but Judy got w new sewing machine for Christmas and we got to look it all over and it is wonderful. 

Well....that is it for me this week.  Take care.


  1. I'd say you did well with the ruler work. And getting together is the best part of all. Sewing is just a bonus!

  2. Lovely quilting Marjorie and get ruler work too !

  3. What lovely hand quilting. Not something I've ever felt compelled to do so I'm always impressed with those who have the patience and motivation to hand quilt.