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Friday, September 6, 2013

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....the feeling is Satisfaction

Well; I finished the strip scrappy quilt yesterday!!!!! That is one of my goals for this month off the list.  The wonderful lady who pieced it picked it up last night...and brought 2 more...l;ol. I was expecting these though.

Here she is holding her is too big to hold up by herself..

Maybe a couple more of this is so fresh.
 A bit of the back.....

Her Log Cabin is now in the frames waiting for me to finish mowing the lawns....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


  1. She looks so thrilled with it, Marjorie. Have fun mowing those lawns!!!

  2. Awesome job Marjorie! So pretty

  3. Beautiful Marjorie! I can never get over how fast you can hand quilt!

  4. great job now you have to do the next two.

  5. Yay, she looks very pleased with it! Great job, Marjorie!

  6. Enjoy your lawn and your quilting. The one you finished is lovely.

  7. Lovely quilt , you finished that quickly !