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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Ok; summer is gone...but there is still lots of yard work to do!!  The garden needs to be finished up and the grass is still growing, but it is cool at nights!

On to my WIPs.....I have way too much quilting to do; but I love it.
                             I finished the Log Cabin quilt Monday evening.....

 Not the best color in the first is another....

                              That leaves 2 quilt tops waiting in my sewing room now to be hand quilted before Christmas.  Now; with that said, I picked up some cross stitched blocks today from a customer...I will  piece the quilt top for her...add sashings and a scalloped border; then quilt it.  
                                I have 2 more arriving sometime in the next month to be hand quilted...don't know what they are yet.
                                I have the next Log Cabin in the frames...put it in tonight after mowing 1/2 the lawns...Hopefully will finish mowing tomorrow night. Can't mow in the daytime this week; hubby is working nights; so sleeping/or trying to during the day. 
                                I am ready for the 'wool' and 'batiks' blog hops which are coming up right away!!
                                And I still have 5 quilt tops of my own to quilt one day. lol. 

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  1. You surely keep yourself busy! I love the log cabin!

  2. Love the log cabin! It always amazes me at how different this design can look depending on the layout!

  3. log cabin looks great, you are going to be busy with all the quilting you have to do, just as well summer is over as then there will be no need to mow lawns etc!

  4. The log cabin is lovely. You sure are one busy lady. Soon the lawn will stop growing and it will free up a little more time for all your quilting.

  5. Love that green and yellow log cabin. The white gives it such great lines. Lane

  6. You must be the fasted hand quilter on the planet , you amaze me Marjorie and they all turn out so beautiful !! Have fun with that long list of quilts to do :-)

  7. You sure get a lot done in a short time. The green/yellow log cabin is just lovely.


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  9. It sounds like you will be busy busy for quite a while. Too bad you can't sneak in one of yours so you can cross one off your list.

  10. It is fantastic how much you get done!

  11. I RECOGNIZE THAT HQ SWEET 16!!! I've had mine for several years, and absolutly love it. I see you do a lot of hand quilting. Which do you prefer, by hand or using your sweet 16?

  12. Ok! You are so busy! How much time do you set aside for quilting? You are amazing!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  13. I love the soft colours in your log cabin.