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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Whew!!!!  It has been a couple of weeks since I posted my WIPs. I have just been so busy with things; that I felt not enough accomplished that I could show you. But here I am....

As of now; I have 2 scrappies still waiting to be hand quilted
                            My Garden Fence is waiting
                            Texas Teardrop...waiting
                             Swoon is waiting....sheeeeesh!!

I finished hand quilting the strip quilt for a customer last Thursday.....This is the lady who pieced it.

I have her Log Cabin in the frames now...which I haven't taken a picture of sorry.
I quilted my wool flannel lap quilt on Tiara last week too.
This is the softest quilt I have ever felt!!!  It quilted up so nicely on Tiara.
I have my pin cushions finished and posted on my blog hop post today!!  Take a look folks...lots of lovely projects going on in the hop.
I have my piece ready for the Wool hop...can't show you though. I am working on the Batiks with a 60s theme.  and signed up for the 'Wicked' hop.  I love these things!!!

I also have 3 more quilts waiting to be hand quilted before Christmas. These are for; busy busy; and loving it. Well; I think that might be it.....ohhhhhhhhhhhh no!! I forgot the 100s club quilt I signed up for again this year at my local; favorite quilt shop.  We are doing the churn dash this year...the one above is what we did last year.  I will get pictures soon and show you.
I am linking up to Monika and Lee ,come join us.


  1. I'll bet that flannel quilt feels heavenly! It looks great too. You have been busy!

  2. you certainly have lots of quilting to do, I hand quilt too, must have a go with my walking foot on a scrap of fabric as never tried machine quilting

  3. Love the colours in both! That bottom quilt looks sooo homey & comfortable!! *sigh* LOVE it!!

  4. I don't think I could even hand-quilt one quilt before Christmas, and you can do three? That's amazing. I love the contrast in colours in that flannel quilt. Great job on the quilting!


  5. Busy..Busy lady, but keep a time slot open for me and my project and questions, be so glad when we can all get together again..SOON

  6. Great that you have so much energy for those lovely projects!