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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sewing Day With The Girls

Oh I had one fun day with my sewing buddies yesterday!!!!  In the afternoon I met with Connie and Marla to make an ironing pad that is so simple and can be carried anywhere!  the tutorial was found on "Little Birdie Secrets".  

this was very easy and makes so much sense for going out sewing. we had lots of laughs too!!!!!

then after supper the 3 of us met with Judy and Rose to make duffle bags. You may have seen Marla's yesterday...she did hers a few days ago.  Here is mine....the rest will come later.

this is one side with 2 pockets....adding buttons today.

The other side......and next is the inside pockets.

With buttons...

Connie has still to finish hers.  Because this wonderful lady had to help the rest of us.  Besides quilts; I don't sew!!!!   so zippers and such things are new to me also.   Connie is always there to help us along...she has a very clear thinking head.  Not sure how she does it!!!!  Lol. With all of us...hahaha!!

and a little look at the quilt I am working on right now.

I have 2 waiting to  be hand quilted after this one. One order to piece and quilt....and my own .
I have 2 waiting to machine quilt...and I am still piecing more here and there...LOL.

Well....better get to it, eh. Ttys.


  1. Busy Ladies, every thing looks great and love the bag.

  2. The ironing pad is a great idea and your duffle bag is wonderful!

  3. What a fun and productive time with friends you had.

  4. will follow up your link for the ironing pad looks like a good pad to have, very nice bag where does the pattern come from? and your quilt is looking good