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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WIP Wednesday and Linky Friday

Another snowy week here in New Brunswick ,Canada.  I want to see grass and flowers soon...or I am apt to buy plastic and stick them in the snow!!!!  Lol.  I have been really busy with quilts this week too...having lots of fun!

I have completely finished the DWR and emailed the customer...sent her pictures.  She was thrilled and she picked out the label for the back of it is an anniversary gift.  So;  we are both very happy right now! Here are a few the lighting is dead poor with this snowy day..but take a look.
charcoal background
steel backing

I finished quilting my Garden Fence on Tiara....need to bind it.
Now the back

In case you didn't see last Saturdays they are

You can go to my last post to see the rest of them...four of us got together and each made a casserole carrier.
I made one more set of Stash Star blocks.
I have 1/2 of them together now.

I have this quilt in the frames and started the hand quilting today.
It's all about the seashore...machine appliqué.
and this is the stack of fabric for the Poppy quilt order.
I have to start cutting right away.

Well; that is it for this week folks. I am linking up to 
needleandthreadnetwork and now to Richard and Tanya


  1. The DWR is just amazing. and of course, your handquilting is wonderful.
    You are a pro on the Tiara now. Looks great!

  2. wow you are getting lots done well snow bound

  3. Lovely projects! I especially love the DWR quit! The quilting is looking awesome!

  4. The wedding one looks so pretty. I will have to pop down and see it before you mail it away. You have been very busy this week.

  5. The DWR is beautiful. Your customer chose lovely colours. Your long arm quilting is fabulous! I am new to LA quilting and hope to be like you some day and try custom quilting.

  6. I love the DWR. The quilting looks beautiful. You've have some busy sewing days.

  7. you seem to get so much done what is your system never going to bed I wonder. The DWR quilt is a beauty love the colours you have used. Also the garden fence looks good, I have a quilt I am thinking of hand quilting just need to work lout what design to use.

  8. Gorgeous quilting on the DWR!! And your projects are lovely! thanks to all these snowy days, I've been able to sew a lot more than I thought I would! Seems you're the same!

  9. No wonder it took you a while to do the DWR, that is a lot of quilting and looks fabulous. You are a busy lady with lots of interesting projects on the go ,I am getting tired thinking about it lol!

  10. Beautiful quilting Marjorie! You would be very jealous if you could see my yard - daffodils and forsythia in full bloom, dogwood trees budding out, and even the azaleas are loaded with buds as is the wisteria. I love this time of year - except for the pollen and the wren who always nests in my carport and makes regular deposits on my car. :) blessings, marlene

  11. Oh, that first quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  12. All your projects are lovely, but that double wedding ring is stunning.


  13. wow those quilts are fabulous and the quilting is just amazing !

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  15. Beautiful work! The charcoal and purple DWR is so very very lovely. :)

  16. We quilters certainly get a lot done this winter, none more than you! Wonderful quilting, both hand and machine, and now I must go and check out your casserole carrier.

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