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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday

How fast this month is flying by.....I am so happy to finally see spring like weather.  I so enjoy being able to do a few chores outside during the day,,,like raking the yard and cleaning the windows

Now; works in progress this week are...I finished hand quilting the sea shore quilt for a customer.
This is such a pretty, fresh quilt for a cottage.

This one is what I put in the frames today, to hand quilt...
Another view...same customer as above.
I have another block pieced for the poppy quilt...
I still have to add the yellow center and stems to the second block, but you get an idea on how it will go together now.  Two more like this to piece..then on to borders.

I am about to start putting my stash stars together tomorrow..I think.
Ohhhhhh....almost forgot; My Swoon is on the Tiara!!! Three blocks left to quilt.

This was a kit from Connecting Threads....I love their kits!!!!!


  1. Love your hand quilting. Congratulations on your finish!

  2. nice to see spring colours! So looking forward to poppies! Good stuff, Marjorie

  3. some real beauties, the first 2 really caught my eye both for the fabrics and the designs

  4. Absolutely Beautiful!! Love the seashore quilt. We are both on a nautical theme. I am amazed at your hand quilting.

  5. Your hand quilting is so beautiful, Marjorie. Life does get busier when you add the outdoor projects too.

  6. Your customers quilt are beautiful and your poppies are coming along just lovely !

  7. You work on some lovely quilts. Thanks for showing us.

  8. Beautiful hand quilting and LOVE your swoon!!! Fabulous work both in the fabrics, quilts and quilting!

  9. I love the seashore quilt but the peonies - oh my, so beautiful. blessings, marlene