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Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend Linky Party


Daryl over at Patchouli Moon Studio has a new linky going on. Take a look and maybe link up...
This is an ironing pad I made this week with the girls in my sewing group.

And this is a duffle bag that we made together....we each are working on one of these.
Here is the link to the bag instead of adding too many pictures here....


  1. Nice handy ironing pad Marjorie. Beautiful Bag too! Thank you for linking up to my new link party. Now at least I know that it works, lol!!!

  2. I love the portable ironing pad. Brilliant! Great bag too, Marjorie!

  3. two good and useful pieces here, hoped to see a tutorial for the bag when I clicked on the link but nothing seemed to happen

  4. sorry Marjorie have repeated myself, you emailed me with the name of who did the bag, blame it on the early hour of the monring!

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